The Satellite documentary project builds on the research of Space Archaeologist Dr Alice Gorman (aka Dr Space Junk – pictured below).

alice-gorman-and-sputnik-croppedWe’d also like to acknowledge the generosity of the original Australis-Oscar 5 project crew: Peter Hammer, Owen Mace and Richard Tonkin, with Paul Dunn, Steve Howard and former NASA young gun Jan King. Pauline Tonkin and Delia Mace recalled for us the era and their support roles in the project.

Chris Long was just 15 in 1970 when he pressed record on his reel-to-reel back in time to catch the ‘bip bip bip’ ‘Hi!’ from AO5 over South Africa. It was spine-tingling then – and still is.

Thank you to Nick Crotty for guiding us through Museum Victoria’s Scienceworks facility.

This is a project which could not have been achieved without the magnificent NASA and NASA Goddard archives.

In Australia, the National Film and Sound Archive’s T3 initiative made it possible for poor students to access footage from the sixties era.

We also acknowledge the music licensing services of EMI, Sony ATV and Mushroom to give the vision a bit of a kick along.

Please see the Credits page for crewing acknowledgements.